Week End!

What a great weekend we had. The weather is starting to cool down! We had Zero plans (this is not typical!) but somehow ended up doing LOTS!!

Friday: On Friday I put my BIG girl panties on and went ahead with my scheduled wisdom tooth removal. Abuela took care of Baby H while I went to take care of business. I am still swollen and on a liquid diet. Friday night was miserable – I could not believe how often I caught myself touching my face and hurting myself in the process. I felt so much better after my husband made us some Yummy Tomato Basil Soup, it was Delish!

Saturday: Saturday morning was tough – waking up at 6am to cook breakfast (Bribery for the girls so they could help me with garage sale), I guess I must have looked BAD since my husband offered to get breakfast going. I served up yummy breakfast burritos and we were ready to go! My husband went on about his business ( i did not want him around – mainly bc i was getting rid of stuff i never even opened!) and headed out to Metal Detect (newest hobby). After an hour of visiting with my neighbor and No Traffic I was pretty bummed out – finally we got some shoppers and we finished with over $100! What really surprised me was how cheap people were… I had everything for a $1 and the expensive items were $5 (Why do people stop at a garage sales without any CASH? wait – i have done this too, never mind!)

After working SO HARD sitting and waiting on people, I went to get a much needed Pedi and Mani with my neighbor… it was nice and they did a great job. This was her place – my usual is a tiny cozy spa that I absolutely love. Much more relaxing in my opinion. I don’t like places that make you feel rushed. I went with a dark fall look!

Once I was done pampering myself it was time to pamper the kids… we headed to AutumnFest. As soon as we parked and made to the first tent, the sky opened up to a heavy pouring rain – all was ok since (my weather app clearly stated the rain would be hitting around 8pm) apparently kids love playing in the rain. Soaked and looking a little rough we had a Great time. We sampled some  treats and enjoyed amazing Mariachi music performed by teenagers!

We ended Saturday by allowing our 12 year old to babysit our neighbor’s daughter at our home – everything went smooth!

Sunday: On Sunday we were all up at 6am to make an early Mass – unfortunately, Baby H and I did not make it. My pain from the tooth extractions was too much.. so I went with nursing, meds, and sleep instead! Once I woke up AGAIN, I realized that I had signed up to be the on-call RE ( Religious Ed) teacher back up for this particular Sunday (of all sundays i could have chosen!!) Once I made it over I was told to stay since one teacher had a sick child. I taught a Kindergarden class about what makes us all different and the same….I realized how much I have enjoyed teaching these last 6 years (I will probably be back teaching full time next August!) While in class my husband was blowing up my phone! Text after Text “where is this, where is that, Have you done this, Have you done that, Are the dishes dirty or clean in the sink” ) I finally quit looking at the phone when it lit up. His final text was “woman, as soon as you get home, we are taking a drive” He is a big bully and makes us do things like getting out and enjoying life.

Sunday afternoon Drive: We decided to go for a drive and ended up at Lake Ray Hubbard for brunch! We enjoyed yummy food at Luna de Noche. Their breakfast tacos are amazing! I loved my bean soup and my avocado soup… service was great and very prompt.

I almost forgot… my husband found some cool stuff on Saturday’s “treasure hunt”… and we hung shelving for kiddo’s room makeover!

Best Tomato Basil Soup by Hubby

Best Tomato Basil Soup by Hubby

my little helpers!

my little helpers!




Enjoying Pepsi at Luna de Noche!

Girls enjoying the weather and strolling Baby H!

Girls enjoying the weather and strolling Baby H!


My Husband asking Q's about Kayaks.. This is dangerous!

My Husband asking Q’s about Kayaks.. This is dangerous!

My husband doing his part  :-)

My husband doing his part

That was our weekend! How was yours?


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