Week End!

Our weekend was full of partying and family time! We even had time for some zombie movie watching!
My niece celebrated her 2nd birthday and we met up with my sister in law for steaks!
A colorful gathering, baby H has been introduced to Loudness and made it fine, a trooper he is!
Saturday morning last minute shopping!Saturday morning shopping for niece's bday and maybe some sales
my favorite girls and their baby brother
Once at the mall we found a model search event – the girls decided to enter. I took a few pictures and I was so proud of myself but then I realized that J-si from Kidd Kraddick was there and I was totally star struck… he is definitely much better looking in person. His wife is gorgeous and extremely friendly and their kids are just cute as ever. I was totally in love and forgot to take pictures of my other baby girls… oh well.
Model Search at WillowBend Mall
my older daughter modeling
After goofing around and talking baby stuff with J-si’s wife (she is so freaking beautiful and was like a size zero and carrying a 6 week baby girl) we made it over to find my niece her bday gifts! Party was fun and the food was amazing bc my mom cooked her signature yummy plates!
Lil C bday party!
Dad and our Little one at sister’s house
Lil C ready to have some cake!
Sunday was baby H’s first time to Mass, he was such a good baby and even took a nap. We made it over to my wonderful sister in law’s house for some steaks and chill time. Baby H was introduced to a Loud environment and he made out ok!
Baby H and Lauren with my favorite Twin
Aunt Linda's busy home
My favorite boy and my other favorite Twin
Bella and my Rocky
Even the dogs had a good time!
How was your weekend?

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