Trick or Treat

Halloween was fun and last minute as usual. Our older kiddos were too cool to dress up and told me a while back they would not be needing costumes. Lies, Lies and more Lies! As usual, last minute, someone wanted to dress up! Our oldest daughter was a “partier” … I had this blank expression on my face when she told me that- I had to apply some crazy eye make up for her “partier” look. In the end all were happy with their looks.
kiddos and neighbors
We went trick or treating with our neighbors kids and their cousins. We went across to a different subdivision.
Baby H as a Puppy
This year I did not have as much fun as last year, although everything was working out smoothly…. Baby H was happy and all bundled up ready to go. The weather was suprisingly cool for us (You have to live in Texas to understand how crazy our weather is!) and the kids were in good spirits!
In our household we use pillow cases to carry our candy! Keeping it Classy!!
Our fun neighborsOur neighbor photo bombing! We have awesome neighbors!
Next year I might get dressed up. I do not enjoy Halloween, I do it for the kids. I was so glad that our neighbor did the pumpking carvin thing becuase I was not for it this year. The kids loved it. I can hear their pleadings already for next year…..
pumpkin carving fun
Overall, it was a good night for the kiddos. We ended the night with a quick drive to Fuzzy's for some grub. My neighbors joined me with my late night treat… I got me my favorite, huevos rancheros. It was so good!
How was your Halloween?

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