Time To Catch Up!

Hello friends!

I have been gone for almost two years! SO much has happened in two little years. Halloween is my least favorite holiday but I know plenty of people that love it and have the best decorated homes just as any other holiday…. Maybe one day I will get into it. I do own a few spiders and jack o lanterns, so I am not so bad plus its my birthday.

Baby H is a thriving four year old now and trying to come up with his own rules.

At four years old, my baby boy loves to spend time playing with his older siblings. The relationship that exist between my youngest and the oldest two kiddos is amazingly great. The older ones love taking care of him and seem to have the most patience with him. The little ones (each fourteen years of old age) seem to be less sensitive to his “needs” and definitely show less patience for his wants!  Although it ma sound as if my two fourteen year old girls dont care for their baby bro too much, they do. I know that they are just going through the tough transitional years of adjusting to their independent thinking that gets a reality check by mean ol mom and dad…..

My little ones do surprise me at times with their ability to change from annoyance to pure delight and interest in all their baby brother does or says……our next youngest, my green eyed daughter seems to share a special bond with her baby brother. Their bond started early on…. story time, tucking baby in bed, bathing baby, special one on one play times, their relationship is truly heart warming. I had my concerns with her overall take on baby coming home as she was Daddy’s little girl and loved being our ‘baby”. Those worries were for nothing as are most…

Baby H and the Older Sibs relationship is great! So far so good.

Sometimes I play tricks on my older kiddos and tell them I am pregnant again, They all yell at the same time “NOOOOOOO”… Hey! I can have some fun too, can’t be all serious and no fun all the time… right?  I guess five kids in their mind is enough.

I look forward to blogging again.  I will catch everyone up on the happenings and bring back some great recipes as we cook them… Oh and first up is our effort to go paleo (us parents only for now)- clean eating in todays world! Could there be more of a challenge?