The Lion King Musical

This past Saturday we visited the Dallas Music Hall at the Fair Park to see The Lion King Broadway Musical. Here is my review of the event.

I will start with Parking: I decided to get there early bc I figured parking would be almost impossible due to the State Fair going on. Parking was $30 for valet and it was worth every penny! I recommend it.

Staff: Parking staff was really old and positively funny! The old man flirted with me to no end. Loved it!! Valet Staff was very nice and very courteous. DMS Staff was a mixture of rude, super sweet and unwilling to help! In my opinion if you are in the service industry and you can’t service  folks then just Fire yourself or learn to fake a smile! There were a lot of moms with a whole lot of kids… getting kids out of the house in time to see a musical deserves an award and if you can’t provide us with such award then give me a freaking smile!!!! Jeez!

Dining: There are two options for dining at the Dallas Music Hall.
Option 1: M Dining is available with reservations – at $21+ per person, I opted out!
Option 2: Upstairs Bistro. Serving Ham sandwiches, cobb salads, cookies, fruit cups and the most important drink for this mom – Coffee! Pricing is very reasonable at $9 for a meal.

The Show: We loved every minute. The acting and singing was superb! Our seats were in the Balcony section and we did not miss a thing. The crowd seemed very pleased. We absolutely enjoyed every minute of the show. I recommend this musical for the whole family. We saw all ages from young kiddos to young adults accompanying their parents.


That was our experience! How was yours?


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