The Big Green Egg Review (by Hubby)

Here are my thoughts on my Big Green Egg XL version. I am only giving you my opinion of it and what helped me decide to purchase it. I did not get a BGE to review but purchased it to replace a gas grill. This is my opinion and I have not been asked by the manufacture or anyone else for a review.

Well my gas grill finally gave out. I started looking for a new one and found that natural gas grills are far and few between, unless you buy conversion kits or special order them. After looking at several box stores and a couple of specialty stores I was not sure what grill I would go with. I did find The Big Green Egg at one of the specialty stores and asked a few questions about it. I had also heard several co-workers discussing how happy they are with it. After several phone calls to owners of one and a lot of reviewing online post I decided to buy one. The only negative comments that I could find about it was that everyone wanted the extra large one. Well that’s what I bought.

After assembling it and making a few adjustments, I completed the burn in as directed. The following day I cooked turkey burgers on them and they turned out good but I was not sure that it was any better tasting than my old gas grill. Since then I have smoked three chickens, 10 racks of ribs and grilled some corn on it. I got to say that the food seems to get better every time I use the Big Green Egg. It certainly does everything I need it to and the smoked meats are coming out perfect. I have since given my electric smoker to a friend.

The things that I like about the Big Green Egg is the ability to get the temperature set – it stays there for hours without me having to do anything. The XL that I bought is more than big enough to cook all the food for my family and guests at once, flavor the smoked meats come off with and the ease at which to start it up.

I spend about 15-20 minutes waiting for the lump charcoal to start and after that I can keep the temperature as low as I want or as high as 650 without any issues.

The only thing that caused me issues with The Big Green Egg is the adjustments needed to set the temp. There is a learning curve involved. After doing all the research and looking at all my options, I am happy with my decision to purchase the Big Green Egg XL. It is just too versatile of a cooker not to be happy with it.

I will post some pictures soon of the BGE in operation and give you all the details on what is cooking.


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