Teenagers, Tweens, and Toddlers

Hi,  Friends!

It has been over a year since my last post!

Our teenagers are now in high school, our tweens are in middle school and our almost three year old is running around pointing at things and demanding them!

Sometimes I feel as though they are all the same age. The similarities between these three age groups are scary!

We were able to navigate through the unbelievably craziness that is a child entering adolescent with our two Older kiddos. Boy and Girl. Yeah, it was not fun!

We are now going through it again with our  “Little ones”. Both girls are two tough cookies.

Sometimes I just want to put them both in a corner facing a wall and just leave them there for as long as it takes me to feel good about continuing with my day. Instead I give a simple correction like the ones my toddler gets.

What you permit, you promote!

Kids and Puberty do not mix well!

A few highlights from my personal experience so far from Tweens and Teenagers:

Girls are meaner.

Boys care even less than you ever imagine a child caring.

Girls wake up one day and want to shave every hair off their body and have an interest in things like fashion,  what everyone else is wearing, what everyone else is saying, what everyone else is eating, and what celebrities are doing… the list is endless but you get the point!

Boys start to like girls a whole lot more than before.

They become sloppy liars and the lies are more frequent if they are not caught early.

You are never right!

They are always right!

You are not cool anymore

You are not funny anymore

You are not to show too much affection in public

You are not ever fair

You are not nice

You are mean

They take twice as long to get ready. I find it CRAZY that my older child does not wear make up, does not make her own lunch, snacks are ready for her and she still takes longer than anyone in this household to put on clothes and comb her hair.. I. Don’t. Get. It.

Girls start spending more time in the bathroom (this can be hard on a household where bathroom time and availability is already an issues!)

Boys spend even more time in the bathroom

Everything is a big deal…An Emergency. It. Must. Be. Done. Now.

Self righteousness is the new attitude! They are better than everyone else, they cannot believe the stupidity they have to put up with, the mean teachers, the injustice, the blatant inconsideration by everyone for their feelings and opinions.

They are eating everything in sight or not even anything at all… You have to watch their eating habits. If you run out of something they are eating, it will be the end of the world and a matter of Life or Death!

They also wake up one day and no longer like lettuce, ham, bread, mayonnaise, insert any food product that they have managed to eat and enjoy their whole life…… WTFork!!!!!

Eventually the cute memories you have of your child wanting to be tucked in bed, wanting to hold your hand as you walk into target or just wanting to talk to you every night at bed time, well those memories become a thing of the past and the new becomes the normal. You adjust expectations, change rules, and life goes on.

I have a break every other week – Too bad I can’t drop off my daughter with my stepson. The thought does cross my mind… If only we were friends, his “real” mom and I.

Kids that have divorced parents and are shuffled between two homes can try to manipulate their situation to benefit them. We have had several issues with our two kiddos that travel back and forth between mom and dad. Read all about it here!

I am thankful for the good times and work hard daily at looking for the positive, It is pretty awesome to watch them become independent thinkers and work through their new challenges as young adults…. perspective is everything!


What have you learned about parenting an adolescent? 






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