Row, Row, Row Your Boat..

Yesterday our little ones did a practice 5K run with their school program, Girls On The Run.

This week we are a family of seven. So things get a little more interesting!! Add hunting season, holidays, and well… I can promise you that my days are far from boring!!!

It was hectic with schedules and making it work so that everyone was there for support and encouragement!

Yesterday’s run was a practice run with their buddy that will run with each girl on the real race later in the month. I texted my stepdaughter’s mom and asked her about the race. She was able to make it and my stepson ran with his other sister, my babycakes.

I often have this wild fantasy where both households get along and this woman who is the mother of two amazing kids I am raising actually treats me as any other person in her life. A friend, a family member, a teacher to her kiddos, an employee at her job, a stranger at the grocery store…. Anyone, I would take anything other than the stepmom she has such a hard time dealing with.

I did what I do anytime she is around. I removed myself and stayed in the background. I allowed her children to be with their “real” mom. I had a great time loving in my other kids, two girls and a rascal baby boy. I cheered like crazy for all the runners including my stepdaughter and her “real” mom.
Hopefully my crazy mom cheering was not too much to handle for her. All my kids know me better. They are used to the craziness and have fun with it.

At the end of the day, it is always worth it.


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