Yesterday I ventured out to do errands (not to be confused with shopping!) with Baby H. I went to the cleaners to drop off clothing that will fit way too tight. Made it over to the tailor to have my Gap maternity skirt sized to a 6 ( the lady looked at me with an expression that clearly told me i was nowhere near a size 6!), I also made it to Target to pick up a poster board I promised to pick up everyday last week! After picking up half of the items on my list and adding an entirely new list – I made it over to my Older kiddos middle school to drop off the poster… I sent my daughter the sweetest text EVER to inform her of my prompt drop off! Her smiley face was good enough for me. Mommy points back ON!

While at the middle school I remembered that I belong to the PTA board and have a chair to oversee. I felt sick to my stomach because 1. I have not done much to promote my Arts in Education awareness deal, thingy, stuff I gotta do! 2. I totally Sucked at being a PTA Secretary at the Little One’s elementary school last year. 3. I totally Sucked at being a PTA mom last year! I am sure I have gone down in history as the world’s. worst. PTA. Secretary. Here is where I failed: I barely made the meetings, I did not update my binder, I did not (still can’t) know how to work on my brand new Mac and It was too hard to transfer documents from my PC. Ultimately I just gave up.

If you are wondering why I wanted to become a PTA mom….. Umm well PTA Mom’s are totally cool! We all secretly wish to be one…well at least I did!…  Somehow last school year I managed to end up joining not one, but two PTA boards. What.a.Total.Failure! I had so much going on with family and being pregnant did not help one bit. I was probably the first Bad Secretary they have Ever had! What sucks worse than that is seeing the PTA president daily and being reminded of my major screw up.

In my defense, I also had a lot of personal stuff going on. We lost a dear loved one in our family to cancer and that was pretty devastating for the family as a whole. I did a lot of crying at night bc I was very pregnant and way too emotional!

This year I will do much better since I only belong to one! The school website already has information on the contest and I will be contacting the PreAP Teachers for their support  later today or next week, Monday. It is penned in!

I got this.


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