Happy New Year!

Hi, Friends! Happy New Year to everyone!!! How were the holidays? We had great times up to Christmas Day, everything went down hill from that day….
There is so much to cover folks, so I am giving it in pictures!
I can't believe 2013 is gone, December was fun and full of excitement!
We decorated the house with our Christmas Tree, Fiddle our elf came to visit and this time he was pretty lazy to say the least.
We had an ice storm that was truly a fun time to enjoy with the family.
We had a blast at our annual Santa's Cookies at aunt Linda's!
Christmas morning was magnificent, kiddos were very happy, Mom and Dad did not complain either!
After enjoying our goodies from Santa and family, we headed over to aunt Linda's to do some more celebrating. The remainder of December was spent nursing sniffly runny noses, coughing 24 hours a day and being diagnosed with the Flu!!!

Very Little decorating this year, 2013 was a lazy year that started to get more active towards the end!!

Rocky, our goldendoodle would not get out of the picture, i tried about 10 times!

Kiley brough joy to some folks with her National Elementary Honor Society 🙂


We had an ice storm that froze everything, as usual the kids had a blast!

Heading out to venture into the iceness! I made up a game of conquering the ice without falling and I was the first one to go down, HARD! I even had a few cuts on my hands!

Santa's Cookies 2013

Santa's Cookies 2013

My beautiful niece and nephew


Aunt Linda's Christmas, here are MiMommy and DiDaddy

DiDaddy handing out gifts to my kiddos!

DiDaddy and MiMommy opening our gifts!

My lovely nieces!


Lauren's baby, Tyty

Happy January!

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