Fun Boxes

So there is a trend with bloggers signing up to receive personal fun boxes that range from cosmeticss to personal wear. We all love trying new things, my sis signed up for StitchFix. I had lots of fun trying on her outfits… we did not fit into their size Too Small jeans which means I really need to drop the baby weight, seriously

I Loved this jacket, it can be used for fall and spring, and really all year long

This sweater was my favorite, very light weight
This shirt was my mom’s favorite for my sister
Ok, so overall I am digging this trend about boxes arriving to your home full of goodies that you are actually wanting to try out ( it is better than being harrased by people that steal or bought your info)
I am going to try to find something for me, in the mean time – I will happily help my sister try on her cool outfits from stitchfix!

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