Time flies when you are having fun..

Hi, Friends!

It has been so long since my last post. My kiddos have been asking about my blog and why won’t i blog… They may be my biggest fans… very awesome.

Life has been busy, busy, busy!

Baby H is now past his 1st birthday and is doing all he can do to run our household… He knows his status and makes the most of it. He is getting into everything and loves the stairs more than Mommy, or at least I feel like it a few times a day…

Haskell was baptized earlier in the year and we now have two teenagers and two 11 year olds running this place too… 3 of my 4 older kiddos are now in Middle School and one is left in Elementary, that makes my mornings lots of fun!

We were blessed to celebrate the wedding of my beautiful niece Lauren to the wonderful Dane! The wedding was in Napa Valley … I fell in love with Napa…

We also had an amazing summer vacation.

I really do not know how to use my iPhoto and will eventually have a child old enough to do it for me. These pictures are from the special events we have experienced so far in 2014.

Happy Tuesday!

IMG_5297 IMG_5281 IMG_5282 IMG_5293 IMG_5284 IMG_5298 IMG_5320
IMG_5335 IMG_5337 IMG_5338 IMG_5349 IMG_5356 IMG_5380

IMG_5219 IMG_5223 IMG_5239 IMG_5250 IMG_5255 IMG_5259 IMG_5264 IMG_5266
IMG_5270 IMG_5272
IMG_6193 IMG_6194 IMG_6200 IMG_6204
IMG_6517 IMG_7002 IMG_7013
IMG_7049 IMG_5472
IMG_5492 IMG_5508 IMG_5511 IMG_5556 IMG_5558 IMG_5582 IMG_5586 IMG_5591
IMG_5610 IMG_5633 IMG_5686 IMG_5707 IMG_5722

IMG_5738 IMG_5743 IMG_5813 IMG_5812

IMG_5761 IMG_5783 IMG_6276 IMG_6292

IMG_0806 IMG_4281 IMG_3266 IMG_3269 IMG_3279 IMG_3283 IMG_3285 IMG_3286 IMG_3289 IMG_3294 IMG_3303 IMG_3307 IMG_3323 Baby H baptismal cake IMG_3344 IMG_3357


A Few Lotta Things

Ok, So I have been really BAD and have not kept up with blogging. I apologize for not keeping up with posts. There are so many things I want to share and it seems that every time I wanted to sit down and blog, I found something else needing my time! Holidays make me start lots of projects. Most of our projects take a few weeks or weekends due to our other two kiddos coming every other week. We have made it a rule to do the most we can as a whole family. It is never the same when my step children are missing. We all have a sense of melancholy, wishing they were here with us.
When we do have them with us, we get busy playing, decorating, hunting and just loving life as usual.
in honor of Ron Burgundy.
We are on week three without my husband's kiddos. We gave them up for Thanksgiving on our Monday so they could spend time with their GG. This year is the X's turn for Thanksgiving and we get them for Christmas. We are extremely excited to have them for Christmas this year. We also get them for Spring Break for the first time ever. I am already planning our trip!
Thanksgiving was great!
I hosted Thanksgiving (well I guess I should say “we”, but i did most of the cooking and my husband most of the eating!) and it was a huge success. We had two turkeys. one was smoked in our Green Egg (because my husband loves that thing just a little too much..)
I came up with my own recipe for my roasted turkey! It was DELISH! Here is the recipe. I failed (as usual) to take pictures of our gathering and of my turkey! Maybe the half bottle of unused champgne should have waited… having a glass a few glasses of champagne helped this hostess relax and have a good time cooking!
Some of the products used for both turkeys and for baking!
Apple pie in the making!
My husband making his famous shrimp sauce, we also had shrimp!
my aromatics, yellow onion, carrots, apples, and cinnamon sticks!
my turkey, i chopped yellow onion and carrots for added flavor.
I only have a picture of our smoked turkey in the GBE, I am happy to share that my turkey was the winner as far as preference by our family. I loved my husband's smoked turkey! It was moist and very flavorful. He did good. You can read his experience about smoking it here!
Green Egg smoked turkey – This Bad boy was freaking awesome, my husband did great!
We ate around 1pm, we had plenty of food and a great time chatting with family. We ended the evening by watching the cowboys win! By the end of the night, I was feeling extremely sick and ready for bed. I was glad that my head cold gave me an extra day to make it through Thanksgiving.
Baby H is now a happy 5 month old baby boy! He is so BIG and is becoming more independent. He likes to watch tv on the couch and had his first cold. He did well and got over it quickly! I was not so lucky! You can read more about month 5 here!
I hope everyone is enjoying spending time with family and friends. I might get on line later and do some shopping.
Happy Monday!

Bring on the Deer meat

It is Veteran's Day today and I am so thankful for this great country and for the remarkable men that have fought for each and everyone of us. God Bless them and their families!
The last few weeks have been going fast! I am barely keeping up with my calendar!
October marks a special time in our family, the start of Deer Season! We love the outdoors and love eating yummy deer sausage, deer ground meat and anything else my husband orders at the processing line.
I had two of my boys hunting this weekend on their Father/Son annual hunting trip. Our oldest son shot his first buck! He is a good shot just like Dad. We will be meeting up with Dad on Friday evening for the family weekend hunt, so the girls can hunt with Dad as well. Fun times! Our kiddos love the outdoors as much as we do and we are happy to get away to our Deer Lease as much as we can throught out the year. We have been lucky and have a great property we have called home for over 10 years.
Unfortunately our time in our current lease is coming to an end….We started the process of looking for new land and found a nice property in Arkansas. While I am not looking forward to the 4.5 hour drive, I know we will have tons of fun as a family so I will just let Dad do all the driving while i watch movies in the back with the kiddos!
Arkansas Deer Lease new site for our camper in AR, our new Deer Lease!
Scouting our new property, hard to see but Baby H is with Daddy. Our little Trooper!
trips like these are hard to make without our other two kiddos!
Is it Christmas yet?
Holidays seem to make time move a bit faster. I can't believe we are almost into the middle of November. I am hosting Thanksgiving at our home and I am really excited and looking forward to it. I am also getting the house ready for Christmas as I sit here and type this blog post. Our Christmas tree stand is MIA at the momment, hopefully it can be found before bed time! I wanted my tree up this past weekend and it did not happen!
I must get back to searching for my stand…. I know it is in the house, it is times like these that I am not glad for the three different attics in our lovely home!
Happy Monday!

Fun Boxes

So there is a trend with bloggers signing up to receive personal fun boxes that range from cosmeticss to personal wear. We all love trying new things, my sis signed up for StitchFix. I had lots of fun trying on her outfits… we did not fit into their size Too Small jeans which means I really need to drop the baby weight, seriously

I Loved this jacket, it can be used for fall and spring, and really all year long

This sweater was my favorite, very light weight
This shirt was my mom’s favorite for my sister
Ok, so overall I am digging this trend about boxes arriving to your home full of goodies that you are actually wanting to try out ( it is better than being harrased by people that steal or bought your info)
I am going to try to find something for me, in the mean time – I will happily help my sister try on her cool outfits from stitchfix!