Step Parenting, the ugly.

Hello friends,

I will start a series today. It will be highlighting step parenting and the struggles that face step families. I will be giving examples of how the struggles are real! Problems come up from the most unexpected situations… When two homes and two different parents are involved and they do not get along, well … Life gets pretty interesting! We have dealt with issues over the most insignificant things along with more serious challenges.

Looking back, I would do things differently. Hopefully my struggles will help others in similar situations…. you are not alone!

The last time I sat across a table in a public library to address issues between my stepdaughter and her new stepdad I got yelled at and called a self righteous jerk. I remember thinking in my head…. This is not how this was supposed to turn out… If I could go back to 2006 I would do things differently….

I would completely remove myself from the picture when it comes to addressing or discussing my stepchildren. I would have encouraged and helped my husband’s relationship with his ex-wife, versus trying to fix problems that came up. I would have never tried to have a relationship with her, I would have focused on the children. You cannot completely avoid the relationship all together but I would not make it a point in my life. While it would be easier if the bio-mom shared all good and bad of the children, I am a good mom without it. That’s what I failed to see.

I wanted a relationship grounded in dialogue. To talk openly with each other and expect the other person to be objective, neutral, and nonjudgmental. I wanted to co-parent. I wanted all of us to be friends and celebrate the special link that exists between us and connects us all, the same children we were raising.

I have been holding on to the hope that one day she’d understand me, she just needed time. I know that hoping for something from someone else is not healthy. Be your own person; and if the other parent refuses to cooperate, then do your job and be grateful you have the opportunity to give and get love from the addition in your life. I have been involved with my step kiddos for over 10 years and to this day, I have never been asked to dinner, lunch or even coffee by their mother to discuss her children and my role in their life. As she wrote in emails to their dad, his opinion of me was sufficient for her. No need to meet me or get to know me…. Ever.

Still, I was waiting for her to see me for who I am instead of the person she believes me to be. I believed, wrongly, since she stepped out and chose someone else, that she would not be jealous of me and instead be supportive. Remember, the jealousy will be there. She lost a good man and I gained one… her choices will not keep her regrets at bay. I was thoughtful, caring, compassionate and above all, extremely patient with her. You have to believe in yourself. It’s not about you. It’s her attitude and you cannot change that. It’s emotions, not logic, and you can’t reason with someone that is emotional. I tried explaining myself if an opportunity was given, and my husband did the best he could explaining our decisions. I wanted so badly to change her misperceptions. This is a losing battle. Regardless of how sound our decision was, it was always wrong in her eyes. An example of this is a child failing to complete school assignments due to having more interest in the games on a phone we were paying for. The phone was taken away until school work was a priority again. We were wrong to make that decision, and the child should have access to his phone for her to contact him when needed (as if parents always had this option in life). I did cease communication a few times, removing myself from a text group between the parents, and sending an email saying I will remove myself from the communication; it was always temporarily, never consistent or permanent. Remember, if you make a decision regarding the relationship between households, stick to it. Don’t make a decision out of emotions.. Think through it. Sound it off to friends and neutral parties, and if it is the right decision, then make it and stick to it.

When someone is accusatory and demeaning to you, and is completely stuck in their own reality and incapable of seeing you in any other light, you have to protect yourself. Even when you don’t want to take action. You shouldn’t start or continue an argument, but you definitely should correct the record and give the facts. Remember, their behavior is probably based on emotions and not facts.

I have waited years for an apology from someone who deliberately called me names and shamed me for my decisions as a stepmom. I have been waiting for her to own up to her behavior as she expects others to own up to their behavior. Stop waiting…. if it happens, then do a happy dance; if it doesn’t, then let it go and focus on being the best parent you can be.

I have now realized that it isn’t her job to take care of my feelings or treat me respectfully. To comfort me. It is my job. Don’t let someone else dictate your emotions, feelings, or happiness. They are your emotions, take control of them and live your life accordingly.

My relationship with her children is amazingly good. I will expand on my relationship in upcoming posts, but know this: my husband and I never gave in on the “rules”, because we are strict parents and will always be such. At times it has been hard due to knowing the kids have a harder than normal situation, but you have to parent, and have found my relationship with all my kids (yes, I see my step kiddos as my own) stronger than ever. In the roughest of times (an unforeseen situation between my stepdaughter and her step dad) my relationship with my kids stayed strong, and grew even closer.

I hope that by sharing the situations that have challenged me along with giving lessons that I learned, if you’re in a similar situation, you gain some insight and know you are not alone.

Time To Catch Up!

Hello friends,
I have been gone for almost two years! SO much has happened in two little years. Halloween is my least favorite holiday but I know plenty of people that love it and have the best decorated homes just as any other holiday…. Maybe one I will get into it. I do own a few spiders and jack o lanterns, so I am not so bad plus its my birthday.
Baby H is a thriving four year old now and trying to come up with his own rules.
At four years old my baby boy loves to spend time playing with his older siblings. The relationship that exist between my youngest and the oldest kiddos is amazingly great. The Older Ones love taking care of him and seem to have the most patience with him. The Little Ones (each fourteen years old) seem to be less sensitive to his “needs” and definitely show less patience for his wants! Although it may sound as if my two fourteen year old girls don’t care for their baby bro too much, they do. I know that they just going through the tough transitional years of adjusting to their independent thinking that gets a reality check by mean ol mom and dad….
My Little Ones di surprise me at time with their ability to change from annoyance to pure delight and interest in all their baby brother does or says… our next youngest, my green eyed daughter seems to share a special bond with her baby brother. Their bond started early one… story time, tucking baby in bed, bathing baby, special one on one play times, their relationship is truly heartwarming. I had my concerns with her overall take on baby coming home as she was Daddy’s little girl and loved being our “baby”. Those worries were for nothing as are most…
Baby H and the Older Ones relationship is great! So far so good.
Sometimes I play tricks on my older kiddos and tell them I am pregnant again, they all yell at the same time “NOOOOOO”…. Hey! I can have some fun too, can’t be all serious and no fun all the time….right? I guess five kids in their mind is enough!
I look forward to blogging again. I will catch everyone up on the happenings and bring back some great recipes as we cook them… Oh and first up is our effort to go Paleo (us parents only for now) clean eating in todays world! Could there be more of a challenge?

Row, Row, Row Your Boat..

Yesterday our little ones did a practice 5K run with their school program, Girls On The Run.

This week we are a family of seven. So things get a little more interesting!! Add hunting season, holidays, and well… I can promise you that my days are far from boring!!!

It was hectic with schedules and making it work so that everyone was there for support and encouragement!

Yesterday’s run was a practice run with their buddy that will run with each girl on the real race later in the month. I texted my stepdaughter’s mom and asked her about the race. She was able to make it and my stepson ran with his other sister, my babycakes.

I often have this wild fantasy where both households get along and this woman who is the mother of two amazing kids I am raising actually treats me as any other person in her life. A friend, a family member, a teacher to her kiddos, an employee at her job, a stranger at the grocery store…. Anyone, I would take anything other than the stepmom she has such a hard time dealing with.

I did what I do anytime she is around. I removed myself and stayed in the background. I allowed her children to be with their “real” mom. I had a great time loving in my other kids, two girls and a rascal baby boy. I cheered like crazy for all the runners including my stepdaughter and her “real” mom.
Hopefully my crazy mom cheering was not too much to handle for her. All my kids know me better. They are used to the craziness and have fun with it.

At the end of the day, it is always worth it.

Teenagers, Tweens, and Toddlers

Hi,  Friends!

It has been over a year since my last post!

Our teenagers are now in high school, our tweens are in middle school and our almost three year old is running around pointing at things and demanding them!

Sometimes I feel as though they are all the same age. The similarities between these three age groups are scary!

We were able to navigate through the unbelievably craziness that is a child entering adolescent with our two Older kiddos. Boy and Girl. Yeah, it was not fun!

We are now going through it again with our  “Little ones”. Both girls are two tough cookies.

Sometimes I just want to put them both in a corner facing a wall and just leave them there for as long as it takes me to feel good about continuing with my day. Instead I give a simple correction like the ones my toddler gets.

What you permit, you promote!

Kids and Puberty do not mix well!

A few highlights from my personal experience so far from Tweens and Teenagers:

Girls are meaner.

Boys care even less than you ever imagine a child caring.

Girls wake up one day and want to shave every hair off their body and have an interest in things like fashion,  what everyone else is wearing, what everyone else is saying, what everyone else is eating, and what celebrities are doing… the list is endless but you get the point!

Boys start to like girls a whole lot more than before.

They become sloppy liars and the lies are more frequent if they are not caught early.

You are never right!

They are always right!

You are not cool anymore

You are not funny anymore

You are not to show too much affection in public

You are not ever fair

You are not nice

You are mean

They take twice as long to get ready. I find it CRAZY that my older child does not wear make up, does not make her own lunch, snacks are ready for her and she still takes longer than anyone in this household to put on clothes and comb her hair.. I. Don’t. Get. It.

Girls start spending more time in the bathroom (this can be hard on a household where bathroom time and availability is already an issues!)

Boys spend even more time in the bathroom

Everything is a big deal…An Emergency. It. Must. Be. Done. Now.

Self righteousness is the new attitude! They are better than everyone else, they cannot believe the stupidity they have to put up with, the mean teachers, the injustice, the blatant inconsideration by everyone for their feelings and opinions.

They are eating everything in sight or not even anything at all… You have to watch their eating habits. If you run out of something they are eating, it will be the end of the world and a matter of Life or Death!

They also wake up one day and no longer like lettuce, ham, bread, mayonnaise, insert any food product that they have managed to eat and enjoy their whole life…… WTFork!!!!!

Eventually the cute memories you have of your child wanting to be tucked in bed, wanting to hold your hand as you walk into target or just wanting to talk to you every night at bed time, well those memories become a thing of the past and the new becomes the normal. You adjust expectations, change rules, and life goes on.

I have a break every other week – Too bad I can’t drop off my daughter with my stepson. The thought does cross my mind… If only we were friends, his “real” mom and I.

Kids that have divorced parents and are shuffled between two homes can try to manipulate their situation to benefit them. We have had several issues with our two kiddos that travel back and forth between mom and dad. Read all about it here!

I am thankful for the good times and work hard daily at looking for the positive, It is pretty awesome to watch them become independent thinkers and work through their new challenges as young adults…. perspective is everything!


What have you learned about parenting an adolescent? 





Baby H: 5 months old!

We started month 5 being more independent and enjoying tv time with the family. Our little rascal has fun sitting all by himself on the couch watching tv. He needs to be supported because he falls forward face down or sideways. He is trying really hard to sit up and can bring himself up if he starts to fall forward. He will sit for a little while watching tv then asks for us to pick him up. He is no longer fascinated with fingers in his mouth, but is memorized with opening and closing his hands. He will do this for over 10 minutes, we find it hilarious!
Haskell wakes up every morning by 6am and I nurse him. During the weekends he plays well alone in his crib while mom and dad sleep some more. He ends up falling back asleep until 8am. He is hungry and acting like if I don't feed him I will watch him die of starvation… a bit dramatic but it works and mom wakes up to feed him! He does not get formula until past 10am. He is now transitioning to mostly formula. He has done this without skipping a beat, the kid is a trooper. My supply has adjusted smoothly. No pain, leaking, or soreness.
If you are doing fine with breast feeding exclusively, great! Do not start adding formula in the evenings because you hope it will keep baby full at night and therefore, asleep. It does not work. Haskell gets formula all day up to night time and he still wakes up, maybe out of routine, but more than likely because he is not ready to sleep through the night. I will wait on him since I have no control!

Haskell has zero tolerance for belly time. We have to force it each time. He is so advanced on holding his own weight and wanting to be on his feet all the time that I am not too worried about it. He pushes his butt up high on the air and wants to crawl, anything other than being on his belly. He just hates it. I am going to continue to do belly time even if it is 2 minutes.

Our older kiddos are doing great and continue to be great little helpers. They know how to fix a bottle so we can run errands or leave the house ready for baby! A happy baby is a happy family!
I will be writing a post about all the things we do or buy that are truly unnecessary and can wait until wanted or actually needed by baby and parents. I have three nursing covers that I have used maybe once. I have socks that (newborn size) were never used.
Here is where we are as a 5 month old:

Weight: He is at 16.8 with clothes on. You can prob take away at least 6-8 ounces for clothing. He is a chunky monkey and very long. He was at almost 27 inches on his 4 month wellcheck, so I am sure we are there now.

Clothing: Haskell is wearing 9 months clothing. 3-6 months were skipped bc he was too long. I finally went shopping for Haskell last week. I had so much from my shower that I did not have a need. He is growing so quickly that I finally had to break down and go find some good pieces for Church and for Christmas. See pics below for all the pieces I have ready from today's laundry!
On the top two pictures he is wearing 12 months from Baby Gap
Sleep: Haskell goes to bed between 8pm-9pm and fusses when we have gone past his night time. He takes longer naps during the day but wake ups all through the night. He is all over the place on waking up at night. by midnight he wakes up, sometimes he is hungry so I nurse him. Sometimes, I wake him up around 11ish to nurse him. He wakes up again around 2am and finally at 4am. I am doing nothing to promote or stop this behavior so I cant be too upset when I am walking around half asleep. It has become a routine and a way of life for me. I no longer need the extra sleep to make up for waking up at night unless I get ill. Generally I am up for about 5 minutes and we are both back to sleep.

Social: Haskell is still my traveling buddy and gets lots of opportunity to socialize with everyone around us. We make all PTA meetings, older kiddos school activities and naps while mom walks off some of the baby weight he helped me gain! His personality is very friendly, he does great in social settings. He is only serious when he is sleepy or past 8pm.

Diet: Haskell continues to be fed both breast milk and formula. We are now mainly doing formula ( Similac Advance formula purchased at Costco). I have started weaning him slowly by reducing the feedings on breasts. He has not acted like he cares. I am currently breast feeding at night before or after he is in bed and in the mornings when he wakes up. He gets about 6 ounces each time. In addition to those 4 feedings, he has about 6 bottles of 6 ounces each. I always start with 4 ounces and have to turn around and make 2 more ounces. Everyone takes turns feeding him. I don't plan on introducing solids until past 6 months, mainly because my husband has asked that I wait and because we are following our pediatrician advise. She is very conservative and it works well with us. I am not sure if I will try rice cereal, I honestly don't remember doing rice cereal with my first two girls. I will discuss what foods to introduce first with our pediatrician and go from there. I am not big on following any specific book out there but like to read to compare what others have tried or recommend. In the end I follow what works for my family based on our way of life.
Health: Haskell and I experienced our first head cold. I got it worse but continued to nurse him though I was feeling like crap. Baby boy did just fine, he had a few nights of a stuffy nose and fussed a little more so I nursed him more on those few days. We finally got through the worse of it Thanksgiving night and the day after. I got to feeling pretty bad and felt absolutely drained. Lucky for us, my sister kept the girls from Thanksgiving dinner until Sat eve. I got to rest on Friday while my husband worked. No one else got it, so we were lucky! Other than a head cold, Haskell has never experienced any other illness. He did great with shots, no reaction, a mild temperature that made his rosy cheeks a bit brighter. So far he is a happy baby who always smiles.

Milestones: Haskell can pick himself up and sit back up, it is a neat thing to watch. He is not able to sit up alone and continues to give it a try. He is still very chatty and now likes to talk while I am either nursing him or bottle feeding him. He has figured out how to let you know he does not want to be fed. He closes his mouth in a straight line and jerks his head to the left or right very quickly. He also makes chocking sounds, this is really cute because clearly he is not chocking but he gets the point across.

Postpartum: I am feeling pretty good now days that I am back to working out and by working out, I mean walking! We are walking at least 3 miles around a nature preserve near our home. Pushing the stroller up those hills has to be helping me with something! SO far I reached my goal of 140! My next goal is to drop another 5 lbs and keep it off. Pretty hard during the holidays,but I will try my best as my kids repeat at whole lot! When I got pregnant I was at 135 which is 10 lbs more than where I should have been at. Thanksgiving was a really good excuse to relax and just eat everything in sight. I ate so much it was ridiculous! My favorite dessert was the pumpkin cream cheese cupcakes my niece Caroline made! I even brought some home from aunt Linda's.

Time has gone by so quickly, I am loving being at home. I had so many reservations about staying home and how I would cope with my husband being at home all day working. So far it has been unbelievably easy. There are times that I don't even get to see him because he is in and out of the office traveling to interview the folks he is investigating for fraud. Sometimes he will even eat at his desk, I make him lunch and let him take care of business. We have no issues there. We are lucky for the days that he can come sit with us outside while on a break or at lunch. Being at home with my husband was my biggest fear while discussing my stay at home and taking care of our newborn. As single parents when we met, we were used to our space and routines and as a married working couple we had developed a system. He understood and was very supportive of my fears. Now days, Haskell and I are very lucky when we get to see him once or twice a day. We are busy playing and laughing and doing a thousand chores and tackling the endless supply of dirty laundry. We have our own stuff to keep us busy!

I was happy for today, a new week after a much needed time with the family and lots of eating.. I am walking this eve with my two dear friends, Jen and Katelyn. Jen was a neighbor from my husband's first home after his divorce, they were the best neighbors and we became as close as family. We got lucky again after we purchased our current home with amazing neighbors next door. Katelyn and Mark have become family as well. Our kiddos play together and they are the nicest people you can meet. We also have two more families on our street that are great. Mark and Julie share their girls all the time so they can play with ours. I can go to any of these folks at any time, day or night and they would help me with anything. We are extremely blessed! Both Jen and Katelyn take care of Haskell the rascal while I am busy finishing up my Real Estate (i am now done and waiting on License) or running a quick errand. All these things help contribute to my overall well being and has helped me keep sane in these first 5 months. Katelyn and I can always chat about a hard day of work at home and as a Manager with a nice glass of wine. ha.

Happy Monday!

Trick or Treat

Halloween was fun and last minute as usual. Our older kiddos were too cool to dress up and told me a while back they would not be needing costumes. Lies, Lies and more Lies! As usual, last minute, someone wanted to dress up! Our oldest daughter was a “partier” … I had this blank expression on my face when she told me that- I had to apply some crazy eye make up for her “partier” look. In the end all were happy with their looks.
kiddos and neighbors
We went trick or treating with our neighbors kids and their cousins. We went across to a different subdivision.
Baby H as a Puppy
This year I did not have as much fun as last year, although everything was working out smoothly…. Baby H was happy and all bundled up ready to go. The weather was suprisingly cool for us (You have to live in Texas to understand how crazy our weather is!) and the kids were in good spirits!
In our household we use pillow cases to carry our candy! Keeping it Classy!!
Our fun neighborsOur neighbor photo bombing! We have awesome neighbors!
Next year I might get dressed up. I do not enjoy Halloween, I do it for the kids. I was so glad that our neighbor did the pumpking carvin thing becuase I was not for it this year. The kids loved it. I can hear their pleadings already for next year…..
pumpkin carving fun
Overall, it was a good night for the kiddos. We ended the night with a quick drive to Fuzzy's for some grub. My neighbors joined me with my late night treat… I got me my favorite, huevos rancheros. It was so good!
How was your Halloween?

Baby H: 4 months old!

Month 4 has been wet and getting wetter. His hands are always in his mouth. He is drooling like crazy! Month 4 brings zero sleep for mom. The biggest change is how much more interaction we are getting from him. He is constantly laughing and being really chatty. He has a busy life, he is traveling every morning to drop off his siblings at school and then watching new TV shows with mom and we do playtime all day long. He loves to be held and is now coping with mom leaving him in his baby seat while I fold laundry, clean, cook, or write for the blog. I am transitioning from holding him and doing everything with him in my arms. It was becoming an issue, so we start month 4 learning to be in our own little space near mom, Dad, and siblings. Last week was busy and we almost forgot to take our 4 month pictures, it was almost 9 pm when I remembered to do photo shoot! My sister would be so proud that she did not have to send me a reminder text! Gotta love big sisters keeping you on track!
Baby H 4 months
Baby H 4 months
Baby H 4 months
Baby H 4 months
He is still a very happy baby. He loves to stink up a room – the kid can really pass the stinkies toots! He does not spit up his meals and does really well with breast milk and supplemental formula. I can feed him a bottle and put him to nurse and he does not mind it at all. A fine baby he is!
Our schedule is hectic and he has no issues with the buz all around him. He loves to visit with Dad and we are so lucky to have Daddy work from home. He naps really good and rides in the car well. He fusses when he is hungry, I try to feed him before he gets into grumpy/feed me mode. So far it is working!
This weekend I am really going to figure out if he will be moved out of our room. He is currently sleeping in our room in his crib. I have never used a basinet so he went straight to a crib when we came home from the hospital. I think that we will all get more rest if he does not have to be awaken by Daddy's loud snoring! We will see.
Last month we took a turn from soiling a diaper at every meal to every three days. My husband jokes and tells me that he toots stink up so bad because he is not pooping! I guess I will put up with the stinky gas rather than change a dirty diaper after every meal!
Here is where we are as a 4 month old:
Weight: He is at 14 lbs.
Sleep: I think I have covered this in the opening paragraphs.
Social: We take Haskell everywhere with us. He is always on the go. He loves to interact and look around. He loves to see what is going on around him. He smiles at everyone and is a huge flirt with the ladies. He meets no strangers!
Diet: Haskell continues to be fed both breast milk and formula. I chose Similac Advance formula. We buy it at Costco. Since I started taking night classes he was taking at least two bottles in the evenings each at 4 ounces. Now that I am home, he is back to having formula when I am away from him. I feed him as soon as I get home to keep my supply normal. I don't have any set goals as to how long I will breast feed him, I will just continue for now. I truly enjoy nursing him, the bonding is sweet and brings me another level of happy!
Postpartum: I am realizing that working out with a baby is hard when you have others to take care of. I have a full house! Other mom's can do it and I applaud them for it. Some mornings I simply have no energy, what energy I have, I use for taking care of the basics. I started walking Monday. 4 months after bringing baby home and I feel good about it. I have exercised with my older kiddos. We do 75 situps and pushups too. We do this Monday thru Thursday and break for the weekend and Friday's are our family night.
I started dieting on month 3, I cut off all bad carbs ( I have done atkins before and have been very successful) and bought these shakes for meal replacements. I read a lot about what and how diet would affect my milk supply, I have seen zero change in my supply, so I have no issues there. I have one in the morning along with a good amount of peanut butter (all natural bought at Costco) and one in the afternoon. I have a regular meal at dinner time with the family.
What I miss the most is Oreos and milk (my favorite snack in the world) and sweets. I don't crave them, i simply miss them. It is amazing how little you crave bad stuff when you get off them. I am still taking a prenatal vitamin since I am breast feeding.
I have noticed that I am still very forgetful. I blame it on sleep deprivation! Seriously.
I am happy about our life and where we are, I have not experienced any sadness or anger over the baby and our life.
Milestones: Haskell can almost sit up! He wants to so bad. He can support his weight when standing and loves to stand. He is chatty. He is wanting to speak when we are having conversations and makes funny grunting sounds. Too Cute!! He has a strong grip and can hold on to things for dear life (girls are watching out for their long hair) if he grabs anything, you have to fight him for it! He is always willing to smile at us. We are absolutely in love.
Baby H 4 months

Week End!

Our weekend was full of partying and family time! We even had time for some zombie movie watching!
My niece celebrated her 2nd birthday and we met up with my sister in law for steaks!
A colorful gathering, baby H has been introduced to Loudness and made it fine, a trooper he is!
Saturday morning last minute shopping!Saturday morning shopping for niece's bday and maybe some sales
my favorite girls and their baby brother
Once at the mall we found a model search event – the girls decided to enter. I took a few pictures and I was so proud of myself but then I realized that J-si from Kidd Kraddick was there and I was totally star struck… he is definitely much better looking in person. His wife is gorgeous and extremely friendly and their kids are just cute as ever. I was totally in love and forgot to take pictures of my other baby girls… oh well.
Model Search at WillowBend Mall
my older daughter modeling
After goofing around and talking baby stuff with J-si’s wife (she is so freaking beautiful and was like a size zero and carrying a 6 week baby girl) we made it over to find my niece her bday gifts! Party was fun and the food was amazing bc my mom cooked her signature yummy plates!
Lil C bday party!
Dad and our Little one at sister’s house
Lil C ready to have some cake!
Sunday was baby H’s first time to Mass, he was such a good baby and even took a nap. We made it over to my wonderful sister in law’s house for some steaks and chill time. Baby H was introduced to a Loud environment and he made out ok!
Baby H and Lauren with my favorite Twin
Aunt Linda's busy home
My favorite boy and my other favorite Twin
Bella and my Rocky
Even the dogs had a good time!
How was your weekend?

Week End!

So here it is Wednesday and I am just now getting to my Week End post!

We decided to split up this past weekend. Girls and I had a Girl’s Weekend and enjoyed The Lion King musical which I have given a review here. The boys traveled to the Galveston to go fishing for red fish around the Jetties.  See the Pics here!

I will try really hard to learn to take pictures all.the.time. Since I did not take any pictures that I can post, I am providing a cute picture of our Little Ones (as they are called :-)) from back in the days!

Over all we all had a blast. We arrived a little too early, but in the end it was Great!

The Little Ones


That was our weekend. The End.




Yesterday I ventured out to do errands (not to be confused with shopping!) with Baby H. I went to the cleaners to drop off clothing that will fit way too tight. Made it over to the tailor to have my Gap maternity skirt sized to a 6 ( the lady looked at me with an expression that clearly told me i was nowhere near a size 6!), I also made it to Target to pick up a poster board I promised to pick up everyday last week! After picking up half of the items on my list and adding an entirely new list – I made it over to my Older kiddos middle school to drop off the poster… I sent my daughter the sweetest text EVER to inform her of my prompt drop off! Her smiley face was good enough for me. Mommy points back ON!

While at the middle school I remembered that I belong to the PTA board and have a chair to oversee. I felt sick to my stomach because 1. I have not done much to promote my Arts in Education awareness deal, thingy, stuff I gotta do! 2. I totally Sucked at being a PTA Secretary at the Little One’s elementary school last year. 3. I totally Sucked at being a PTA mom last year! I am sure I have gone down in history as the world’s. worst. PTA. Secretary. Here is where I failed: I barely made the meetings, I did not update my binder, I did not (still can’t) know how to work on my brand new Mac and It was too hard to transfer documents from my PC. Ultimately I just gave up.

If you are wondering why I wanted to become a PTA mom….. Umm well PTA Mom’s are totally cool! We all secretly wish to be one…well at least I did!…  Somehow last school year I managed to end up joining not one, but two PTA boards. What.a.Total.Failure! I had so much going on with family and being pregnant did not help one bit. I was probably the first Bad Secretary they have Ever had! What sucks worse than that is seeing the PTA president daily and being reminded of my major screw up.

In my defense, I also had a lot of personal stuff going on. We lost a dear loved one in our family to cancer and that was pretty devastating for the family as a whole. I did a lot of crying at night bc I was very pregnant and way too emotional!

This year I will do much better since I only belong to one! The school website already has information on the contest and I will be contacting the PreAP Teachers for their support  later today or next week, Monday. It is penned in!

I got this.