Bring on the Deer meat

It is Veteran's Day today and I am so thankful for this great country and for the remarkable men that have fought for each and everyone of us. God Bless them and their families!
The last few weeks have been going fast! I am barely keeping up with my calendar!
October marks a special time in our family, the start of Deer Season! We love the outdoors and love eating yummy deer sausage, deer ground meat and anything else my husband orders at the processing line.
I had two of my boys hunting this weekend on their Father/Son annual hunting trip. Our oldest son shot his first buck! He is a good shot just like Dad. We will be meeting up with Dad on Friday evening for the family weekend hunt, so the girls can hunt with Dad as well. Fun times! Our kiddos love the outdoors as much as we do and we are happy to get away to our Deer Lease as much as we can throught out the year. We have been lucky and have a great property we have called home for over 10 years.
Unfortunately our time in our current lease is coming to an end….We started the process of looking for new land and found a nice property in Arkansas. While I am not looking forward to the 4.5 hour drive, I know we will have tons of fun as a family so I will just let Dad do all the driving while i watch movies in the back with the kiddos!
Arkansas Deer Lease new site for our camper in AR, our new Deer Lease!
Scouting our new property, hard to see but Baby H is with Daddy. Our little Trooper!
trips like these are hard to make without our other two kiddos!
Is it Christmas yet?
Holidays seem to make time move a bit faster. I can't believe we are almost into the middle of November. I am hosting Thanksgiving at our home and I am really excited and looking forward to it. I am also getting the house ready for Christmas as I sit here and type this blog post. Our Christmas tree stand is MIA at the momment, hopefully it can be found before bed time! I wanted my tree up this past weekend and it did not happen!
I must get back to searching for my stand…. I know it is in the house, it is times like these that I am not glad for the three different attics in our lovely home!
Happy Monday!

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