Big Green Egg Pizza Review (by Hubby)

Here is the review of the three pizzas I cooked on the Big Green Egg (AKA:BGE or as my kids call it the “Big Green GolfBall”)
I will confess that the first pizza I tried could have been mistakenly identified as a piece of the lump charcoal. I failed to use the pizza stone and set it directly on the plate setter and it cooked fast and quickly became blackened….
After realizing my mistake I was encouraged to try again (i was told by my wife that we had company coming over and they were told I would cook pizza on the BGE). I purchased two more pizzas from Papa Murphy's (if you have one near by and have not tried their pizza, you should. We love it…)
I heated the BGE up to 475 (with the plate setter, the cooking grate in place and the pizza stone on top of the grate). After the BGE temperature stablized I put on the first pizza (with the tray it came with) on the pizza stone and checked it about every six minutes. I had to turn it a quarter of a turn every time to keep it heating even. After about 18 minutes I slid it off the tray and directly on the stone and let it cook just a few more minutes then off it came. It was pefect and tasted great! I was very proud of my accomplishment…
The second one was cooked in the same manner but apparently the pizza stone was a little hotter. This pizza cooked in about 12 minutes and the crust was a litte more done on the bottom, not burnt but more golden brown. It actually was better tasting than the first, according to our guests.
I will allow the pizza stone to heat up about 15 minutes longer next time and will try to keep the temp down between 425 and 450. I will let you know how that works when we do it.
The pictures were a little tough to take due to the setting sun shining down casting shadows. Again I gotta say, If you have not tried Papa Murphy's pizza (and their salads) you are missing out.
Big Green Egg
Green Big Egg
Green Big Egg
Green Big Egg Pizza
Green Big Egg Pizza
So far the BGE has not let me down. I'm glad my wife made me buy it.

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