Baby H: 4 months old!

Month 4 has been wet and getting wetter. His hands are always in his mouth. He is drooling like crazy! Month 4 brings zero sleep for mom. The biggest change is how much more interaction we are getting from him. He is constantly laughing and being really chatty. He has a busy life, he is traveling every morning to drop off his siblings at school and then watching new TV shows with mom and we do playtime all day long. He loves to be held and is now coping with mom leaving him in his baby seat while I fold laundry, clean, cook, or write for the blog. I am transitioning from holding him and doing everything with him in my arms. It was becoming an issue, so we start month 4 learning to be in our own little space near mom, Dad, and siblings. Last week was busy and we almost forgot to take our 4 month pictures, it was almost 9 pm when I remembered to do photo shoot! My sister would be so proud that she did not have to send me a reminder text! Gotta love big sisters keeping you on track!
Baby H 4 months
Baby H 4 months
Baby H 4 months
Baby H 4 months
He is still a very happy baby. He loves to stink up a room – the kid can really pass the stinkies toots! He does not spit up his meals and does really well with breast milk and supplemental formula. I can feed him a bottle and put him to nurse and he does not mind it at all. A fine baby he is!
Our schedule is hectic and he has no issues with the buz all around him. He loves to visit with Dad and we are so lucky to have Daddy work from home. He naps really good and rides in the car well. He fusses when he is hungry, I try to feed him before he gets into grumpy/feed me mode. So far it is working!
This weekend I am really going to figure out if he will be moved out of our room. He is currently sleeping in our room in his crib. I have never used a basinet so he went straight to a crib when we came home from the hospital. I think that we will all get more rest if he does not have to be awaken by Daddy's loud snoring! We will see.
Last month we took a turn from soiling a diaper at every meal to every three days. My husband jokes and tells me that he toots stink up so bad because he is not pooping! I guess I will put up with the stinky gas rather than change a dirty diaper after every meal!
Here is where we are as a 4 month old:
Weight: He is at 14 lbs.
Sleep: I think I have covered this in the opening paragraphs.
Social: We take Haskell everywhere with us. He is always on the go. He loves to interact and look around. He loves to see what is going on around him. He smiles at everyone and is a huge flirt with the ladies. He meets no strangers!
Diet: Haskell continues to be fed both breast milk and formula. I chose Similac Advance formula. We buy it at Costco. Since I started taking night classes he was taking at least two bottles in the evenings each at 4 ounces. Now that I am home, he is back to having formula when I am away from him. I feed him as soon as I get home to keep my supply normal. I don't have any set goals as to how long I will breast feed him, I will just continue for now. I truly enjoy nursing him, the bonding is sweet and brings me another level of happy!
Postpartum: I am realizing that working out with a baby is hard when you have others to take care of. I have a full house! Other mom's can do it and I applaud them for it. Some mornings I simply have no energy, what energy I have, I use for taking care of the basics. I started walking Monday. 4 months after bringing baby home and I feel good about it. I have exercised with my older kiddos. We do 75 situps and pushups too. We do this Monday thru Thursday and break for the weekend and Friday's are our family night.
I started dieting on month 3, I cut off all bad carbs ( I have done atkins before and have been very successful) and bought these shakes for meal replacements. I read a lot about what and how diet would affect my milk supply, I have seen zero change in my supply, so I have no issues there. I have one in the morning along with a good amount of peanut butter (all natural bought at Costco) and one in the afternoon. I have a regular meal at dinner time with the family.
What I miss the most is Oreos and milk (my favorite snack in the world) and sweets. I don't crave them, i simply miss them. It is amazing how little you crave bad stuff when you get off them. I am still taking a prenatal vitamin since I am breast feeding.
I have noticed that I am still very forgetful. I blame it on sleep deprivation! Seriously.
I am happy about our life and where we are, I have not experienced any sadness or anger over the baby and our life.
Milestones: Haskell can almost sit up! He wants to so bad. He can support his weight when standing and loves to stand. He is chatty. He is wanting to speak when we are having conversations and makes funny grunting sounds. Too Cute!! He has a strong grip and can hold on to things for dear life (girls are watching out for their long hair) if he grabs anything, you have to fight him for it! He is always willing to smile at us. We are absolutely in love.
Baby H 4 months

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