Baby H: 3 months old!

Today we celebrated Baby H turning 3 months! It has been an amazing journey and a neat little birth story…

Birth of Baby H: We arrived at the hospital on time (6am)and ready to deliver a baby boy! Daddy had recovered perfectly from his heart attack Sunday morning. People in the hospital knew me from my recent celebrity status! It is not everyday a 9 month pregnant woman drives her husband (experiencing a heart attack)to the ER the day before the scheduled delivery of her baby!

7:00am – all the boring stuff was out of the way, I was all plugged in and ready to rock and roll! I was given drugs to help speed up contractions. I ordered my Epidural thank you! All was good!

7:45am – things got a little uncomfortable – I reminded my nurse I needed my magic shot! I was told I was next in line… (so much for celebrity status)

8:00am – I am being set up for my epidural shot. I am pretty uncomfortable and my contractions are hard to read on panel – my screams are helping the nurse out!

8:30am – I am advised that shot was unsuccessful and it found a vein… I am now hurting bad enough that I am pretty much yelling my questions versus talking and switching from Spanish to English a little too fast for my dear husband to follow along! My mother thank God, understood me perfectly!!!!

8:45am – second epidural attempt is done, it is a success thank heavens! I am now pretty much SCREAMING and telling people all sorts of things I wont remember later! I am wondering where in the HELL is my doctor and why she is not there. I express most of my frustrations and pain in Spanish!

8:50am – I am now at the point of NO RETURN and my body starts to magically make me push Baby H out.  My doctor is still MIA and I am about to deliver a baby. I have no choice but to start the process. I yell some more and hear over my screams that my doctor has arrived. I am so UPSET and in SO MUCH PAIN that I really just wanted to continue Screaming like a crazy woman about to give birth!

9:00am – I have no pain relief from my epidural… my husband is told that it was TOO LATE and I will deliver without any assistance from drugs!

9:15am – after pushing like only THREE times.. Baby H is born! Healthy and really CHUBBY almost 9 Lbs… My doctor advises me that I have deliver a BIG boy and all I can do is SIMPLY apologize to everyone for yelling over and over again that I couldn’t do it!

All the planning in the world… Life happens!

Month 1:Week one was the best week of the Month 1! I was in the hospital and I had help 24hrs a day…enough said.

Coming Home: Life with a newborn is extremely draining. I had no energy and was constantly feeding him every 1.5 hours, I felt like a zombie.

End of Month 1: I love taking care of the little guy. He just eats ALL OF THE TIME!

Month 2: Second month was easier, I no longer kept up with all feedings, diaper changes, etc., etc. we even took a trip with Baby H.

We felt pretty happy about having such a good baby. He is getting really chubby and loves to smile and is a trooper. Older kiddos are starting school and I find the energy I need to get up in the mornings to cook/make breakfast and pack lunches! Baby H sleeps thru this whole process! The kid just amazes me, he is too cool for school!

Baby H starts sleeping though the night at 2 months and then decides that I am having it TOO EASY and gets back to every 4-6 hours. He obviously wants to keep me in check! As he is already called “Lil Boss” he runs this place!

Month 2.5: Baby H is now talking non stop all sorts of crazy stuff and is a BIG Flirt with the Ladies! He smiles on cue and sits quietly through doctor appointments for his older siblings! He gets plenty of attention. We make it thru our 1st PTA meeting without an issue! We end the month with lots and lots of drooling!

Month 3: Here we go! I cant wait to sleep through the night again… I know I used to, I just don’t know the feeling… the memories are too faint!


When did your baby sleep through the night? Let me know, give me some hope, I need it!


Baby H

Baby H

Baby H



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