Baby H: 1 month and a ½ old

Baby H has been home from the hospital since the last week of June.

Having a baby is hard, bringing a baby home and taking care of him/her is even harder. Everything hurts and you have to feed on a 24 hour schedule and breast feeding exclusively is not easy at all!!!!!!!

Somehow, it all seems ok when you look at their chubby faces and you start to count the days when baby will sleep through the night.. hope, it keeps us going!

Last week I started to feel human again, not zombie like, but human, mom, mommy, sister, daughter like… just human! I forgot wife… ha.

I will go ahead and say it…. Baby H can actually sleep for more than 4 hours at a time, (I wont push it by saying 6) there are days that we hit six… or maybe it is wishful thinking…IMG_1069

Our older kiddos have done great, they are amazing little helpers. The older ones are willing to help and the little ones have helped even more… I am just freaking LUCKY (except I cant win the lotto!), their help has made life with Baby H fun. They love watching their baby brother grow each week.

SO MUCH has happened since we brought baby home… we have birthdays starting in June and ending in September. My daughter turned 12 and my stepson turned 12, my baby turned 10 and our other little one will be 10 next month! It is a busy couple of weeks, with shopping and planning and shopping and planning and well you get the point… having a baby did not stop me from doing what I do best… shop/plan/shop and bring joy to our kiddos on their special day! It was challenging, venturing out with baby and all, but Target is just a place I feel at home. I felt no fears or doubts, we strapped baby H down and took care of business. Three birthdays later, we are all happy happy campers! One more to go…

Who needs Vacations!

Um we all do, everyone should have vacations even if it is sitting on their couch! Unfortunately we were not able to take a “real” vacation due to baby H’s carefully planned birth… when you can’t vacation, you camp! We took our new RV to a nice State Park N. East of DFW, Kiddos had a blast and Baby H realized he lives in Texas and might as well get used to the heat, he did Great!


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