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Ok, So I have been really BAD and have not kept up with blogging. I apologize for not keeping up with posts. There are so many things I want to share and it seems that every time I wanted to sit down and blog, I found something else needing my time! Holidays make me start lots of projects. Most of our projects take a few weeks or weekends due to our other two kiddos coming every other week. We have made it a rule to do the most we can as a whole family. It is never the same when my step children are missing. We all have a sense of melancholy, wishing they were here with us.
When we do have them with us, we get busy playing, decorating, hunting and just loving life as usual.
in honor of Ron Burgundy.
We are on week three without my husband's kiddos. We gave them up for Thanksgiving on our Monday so they could spend time with their GG. This year is the X's turn for Thanksgiving and we get them for Christmas. We are extremely excited to have them for Christmas this year. We also get them for Spring Break for the first time ever. I am already planning our trip!
Thanksgiving was great!
I hosted Thanksgiving (well I guess I should say “we”, but i did most of the cooking and my husband most of the eating!) and it was a huge success. We had two turkeys. one was smoked in our Green Egg (because my husband loves that thing just a little too much..)
I came up with my own recipe for my roasted turkey! It was DELISH! Here is the recipe. I failed (as usual) to take pictures of our gathering and of my turkey! Maybe the half bottle of unused champgne should have waited… having a glass a few glasses of champagne helped this hostess relax and have a good time cooking!
Some of the products used for both turkeys and for baking!
Apple pie in the making!
My husband making his famous shrimp sauce, we also had shrimp!
my aromatics, yellow onion, carrots, apples, and cinnamon sticks!
my turkey, i chopped yellow onion and carrots for added flavor.
I only have a picture of our smoked turkey in the GBE, I am happy to share that my turkey was the winner as far as preference by our family. I loved my husband's smoked turkey! It was moist and very flavorful. He did good. You can read his experience about smoking it here!
Green Egg smoked turkey – This Bad boy was freaking awesome, my husband did great!
We ate around 1pm, we had plenty of food and a great time chatting with family. We ended the evening by watching the cowboys win! By the end of the night, I was feeling extremely sick and ready for bed. I was glad that my head cold gave me an extra day to make it through Thanksgiving.
Baby H is now a happy 5 month old baby boy! He is so BIG and is becoming more independent. He likes to watch tv on the couch and had his first cold. He did well and got over it quickly! I was not so lucky! You can read more about month 5 here!
I hope everyone is enjoying spending time with family and friends. I might get on line later and do some shopping.
Happy Monday!

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